Innovatech - Alianças Estratégicas

Strategic alliances

Putting competencies together through the best partnerships: an excellency global trend.

The ability to put competences together is a differential that Innovatech makes sure to invest in, establishing partnerships not only with highly experienced and trained professionals, but also with organizations and institutions that are a reference in any of the segments throughout the agribusiness value chain.

These strategic and collaborative partnerships which have specific competencies aim to boost the services offered by Innovatech, which besides developing integrated and tailored solutions to every client, according to its needs and singularities, also acts as a resources and relationships facilitator, providing feasibility to the proposed guidelines.

Innovatech has partnerships in the most diverse areas oriented to agribusiness:


The most advanced tools to speed up your growth


The most advanced tools to speed up your growth


The most efficient ways to put your strategy in motion


Turn investment into profitability

Good practices

Your business with open doors to the global market


Partnerships that make the way more promising

Information and Communication

You aligned with the main novelties in the market