Aligning actions and costs to a realistic and executable planning.

From the company’s proposal redesign, actions and costs within a determined schedule, under the client’s parameters and their investment perspectives, to the use of Business Intelligence, going through every work routine, controls, assessments, and audits.

Innovatech’s action is a full and practical approach for well-established businesses.

Companies that pursue their business potentiation, but that haven’t achieved the desired results, can opt for Innovatech’s management service that comprises the operational microplanning, guides for the proper technological bundle for your silviculture, as well as your technical prescription, defining the best technologies and respective suppliers, and acting in negotiations in search of the best results.


The Platform

The right tool to avoid deviation and losses.

Counting on a modern digital and flexible platform, Latitude allows the control of actions and field results from the office’s desk, facilitating deviations control and review, avoiding long-term losses.

Accessibility is another essential factor in the solution, once the data can be seen at any moment, online, enhancing even more the control and management of the whole process.

This real-time control, on the other hand, is followed by a compilation of detailed reports according to the client’s schedule, supporting the short, mid, and long-term decisions.

All these benefits are present throughout the management global process, comprising the indicators creation, manager analysis and creation of action plans to correct processes and continuous improvement.

Gestão de ponta a ponta
Gestão de ponta a ponta
Added to this, the steps and processes that comprise the platform are followed and executed by highly experienced professionals, with great analytical and decision-making capacity, and with the help of new technologies and strategical partnerships enables acting in every organizational level, from the operation to the high management, making Latitude the best solution for your business’ Operational Management.

Business Intelligence

Budgets and operational plans: transferring from the office’s desk to the field, without losing the initial proposal.

The Budget is the first design from the global proposal, besides encompassing actions and costs within a defined schedule, it also meets the client’s parameters and their investment perspectives.

Based on the budgetary material, our experts develop the programming format, i.e., how each procedure will be developed during several phases, always with a deadline and integration among the steps in an action plan.

This is the phase to put the business into operation with quality.

Plano anual

Annual plan



Orçamento base

Base budget



Prescrição calendário

Calendar prescription

More than generating data, generating answers

Precise, consistent, and constant notes from operation allows the consolidation of processes and indicators management.

Due to its accuracy in data generation and treatment, Innovatech offers excellency in audits, field checking, stock and suppliers management, physical and financial closures, and develops report models fitting each one of the management levels, but always promoting clarity, critical view, and data reliability.

With a mastery in Business Intelligence resources, you and your company have the necessary information for the operation management.

Plano operacional

Operational plan

Ordens de serviço

Service orders





Apontamentos consistêntes

Consistent notes



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