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A complete and efficient management system doesn’t have to be the most complicated one.

Innovatech’s Business Management is a complete proposal of globally coordinated services to offer the client every step of planning towards deployment and functioning of their business. The action body of Strategic Management promotes a result boost, resources optimization, participation in elaborating the planning and its compliance and offering of every information to a better decision making.

Highlight numbers

Innovatech’s management projects – Latin America

Números Gestão Pasto
Pasture planting
operations management

11,000 hectares
R$ 14 million

Números Gestão Viveiro
Greenhouse Management

2 million seedlings/year
Annual budget:
R$ 2 million

Números Gestão Excelência
Operational Excellency

1.21 million m³
Annual budget:
R$ 60 million

Números Gestão Florestal
Forestry management

39,500 hectares
Annual budget:
R$ 22.5 million

544,000 m³
Annual budget:
R$ 26 million

Putting together strategic, tactical, and operational planning, the Business Management reunites essential phases so as any idea is successful, within goals and projections determined by schedule; besides, it allows the good use of available resources and budget meeting.

The Business Management comprises: Strategic Management, Tactical Management, and R&D Management.


Where your operation is result oriented.

The Strategic Management has the planning and development of an action set as base, actions that go from market mapping, opportunities with return potential, to the creation of new opportunities, i.e., exploitation of niches, as products in local and international markets. Above all, it’s an expertise work allied to preparation, organization, technical and technological knowledge, and mastery in management tools, software, and procedures. Innovatech comprises these talents in a cohesive and high-level set of professionals and solutions.

Gerenciamento Estratégico
In this proposal, in pre-project phase, corresponding to macro planning, strategic decisions unfold, which are going to generate actions and support to long-term planning, along with goals setting and participation in the results, that are interesting to investors and shareholders. Thereby, the following benefits are created: Strategic Compliance, Risk Management, and Executive Experience.

Tactical Management

A routine of control, follow-ups, and answers, without unexpected events.

Innovatech’s Tactical Management is an efficient and active follow-up of every phase in the operation, which aligns contract management and operation execution, i.e., the accomplishment of actions that will allow the goals achievement and optimized use of the resources.

Our team acts in operational microplanning, which is aligned to macro planning, as well in the technological bundle definition and technical prescription, selection of technologies and suppliers, management of contracts and annual budget planning, besides forecasting scenarios and support to approvals in several scopes.

Outside the office, the service foresees the detailed operational programming, follows up the execution of service orders, performs the necessary operational reprogramming, assesses and accomplishes the technological turnover and, at last, applies the whole operational experience operational experience from our experts and technicians, with the commitment your business deserves.

R&D Management

Using technology in favor of who produces.

Agribusiness has modern technologies from precision agriculture at its disposal, which allows to improve the information generation and the indicators formation that can be used in every phase of the chain. R&D Management is responsible for development and control of indicators, which allows the company to control in a rational way its processes and, consequently, to reach its results.

Our set of indicators was designed to give agility to planning reviews, with action plans, and detailed and practical reports.


This module gets together mobility in notes with mobile technology use

Auditorias de qualidade

Quality auditing

Relatórios detalhados mensais com análise crítica e os recursos do Business Intelligence

Monthly detailed reports with critical analysis and Business Intelligence resources

Checagens de campo

Field checking

Gestão de estoques e fornecedores

Management of stocks and suppliers

Aprovação de boletins operacionais

Operational bulletins approval

Fechamentos físicos e financeiros

Physical and financial closures








Physical, financial and
operational excellency.

Innovatech develops a refined access system that allows a ranked information access, from operational, managerial, and high administration levels, with tools with easy readings and comprehension, and with a design that eases the visualization of the macro context.

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