Sustainability Master Plan

Essential for long-term planning.

Aggregating to the sustainability tripod (economy, environment and social) the concepts of corporate governance and efficient communication to generate more impact in the organization and improve its value eventually. To this end, it’s necessary a Sustainability Master Plan that’s compliant to the Business’ Strategic Planning, and able to produce measurable results.

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Among the main challenges companies face regarding planning and effective adoption of sustainable practices, are the following:

  • Absence of a consolidated plan;
  • Detachment between strategic goals and sustainability goals;
  • Low level of governance in sustainability area;
  • Lack of measurable results of performed actions;
  • Absence of a communication plan.

With wide experience in development and deployment of this kind of Master Plan, Innovatech imprint value to the company’s sustainability actions, surpassing the sustainability triple bottom line, comprised by economic, environmental and social dimensions, also including governance and communication factors, having as premises:

A consideração pelos objetivos estratégicos da organização.

Consideration for the organization’s strategic goals.

O estabelecimento de metas e KPIs para cada área.

Establishing of goals and KPIs to each area.

O envolvimento de toda a instituição na busca por resultados efetivos.

Commitment from the whole institution in the search for effective results.

A criação de valor para a empresa, não apenas em termos de percepção de marca, mas, sobretudo, financeiro.

Creation of value for the company, not only in terms of brand perception, but specially financial.

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