Strategic Planning

Total alignment: the key for more effective and long-lasting results.

The competition environment and market context are in constant evolution, and if a company wants to remain competitive, it’s necessary to know its differentials and what their essential resources are. The planning process begins with the business’ guidelines, environmental analysis and strategy development until its operationalization. The focus here is the alignment of every area in the organization to its corporate goals. It’s essential to have a strategical management oriented to the market and its opportunities so as every department inside the corporation have full conditions to develop results that enable growth and profit through rational use of human, material, and financial resources inside the company.

In this light, Strategic Planning is fundamental, as it allows for widely knowing the business environment in which the company is inserted, knowing its values and differentials, the necessary resources to deliver them, and in what barriers they should invest in order to protect them, giving the manager much more safety to decision making and giving support to the strategic actions and the tactics defined by the organization.

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The absence or inefficiency of a good Strategic Planning compromises the company’s efficiency, once it determines the organization’s actions considering every target public and, consequently, it generates:

  • Difficulties in leading the efforts towards more profitable actions;
  • Loss of dynamism and productivity;
  • Unbalance in resources use and alignment of every corporative area;
  • Compromising of organizational competitiveness.

Due to its wide executive know-how, Innovatech’s consultancy offer to a Strategic Planning development an actual perspective of the company and its target market, with further developments in organizational goals, through the following:

Análise profunda do ambiente interno e externo da empresa.

Deep analysis of the company’s internal and external environment.

Avaliação crítica das forças, fraquezas, ameaças e oportunidades da organização em relação ao mercado e seus competidores.

Critical assessment of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities related to the market and its competitors.

Estudo dos concorrentes.

Study of the competitors.

Estabelecimento de estratégias, táticas e metas corporativas alinhadas às esferas da empresa, com direcionamento para ações mais rentáveis.

Establishing of strategies, tactics and corporate goals aligned to the company’s areas, targeting more profitable actions.

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