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When the company’s need is not linear, but demands discreet operations in processes that aren’t always sequential, Innovatech’s team can observe and assessing the macro scenario and managerial, operational, and other procedures interconnections to intervene wherever necessary for the client and its business.

The productivity of a forest, for instance, may be under its potential due to errors in field stands planning or in choosing the species. In such specific situations, the Special Projects service put together a suitable team to solve the gaps in the global system. With flexibility, the experts match services and answers that lead to the client’s goal and make the system work in a harmonic way.

Do you need some help?

With complex systems and, many times, wide-scale, the agribusiness may face discreet problems that show up in the flowchart in an undefined way, which need some discreet assessment and specialized action, as:

  • Team inadequacy regarding processes and vice versa;
  • Uncontrolled growth of your business, with misalignment among processes as production, sales, and delivery;
  • Non-optimized processes that generate additional costs and rebounds on the final price of your product, decreasing your competitiveness;
  • Merging areas with improper scaling;
  • Lack of standardization of procedures and discrepancies between products and portfolio.

With a multitalented and dynamic team, tuned to the several phases in chain, Innovatech customizes your action proposal focusing on the inadequate variables and potentializing other ones that offer positive and long-lasting results.

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