Optimization of Biological Assets and Land

Turning resources into fixed assets with tactical vision.

The biological assets and lands are part of a company’s capital, but the option to invest in one or the other should be aligned to the managerial strategy and short, mid, and long-term investments of the company. Innovatech operates Optimization of Biological Assets and Land with accuracy, using the necessary tactical vision to ensure the balance of biological assets and lands forces.

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Companies may face discrepancies in investment assessment and wrong decisions that generate:

  • Preventing investments;
  • Losses with land demobilization;
  • Discrepancy in liquidity and inaccessible assets in short term;
  • Excess or lack of investments in biological assets, generating dependency on third parties;
  • Inadequate projects of assets use.

Innovatech’s Optimization of Biological Assets and Land service offers a review of the whole investment strategy for the client’s biological immobilized asset and lands, who receives a diagnostic report and strategic recommendations for investments, ensuring conditions to:

Decisão eficiente

Efficient decision making

Highly efficient decision-making standards regarding the company’s goals.

Controle de cenários

Scenario controlling

Reduction of risks in decision making using indicators of assets acquisition or sale.



Operation review (reduction and cost opportunities, and cost savings, among others).



Ensuring resources for actions and investments in opportunities, which a company needs and should do.

Tempo a favor

Time in favor

Agility in making decisions and a team ready to act in changes.

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