Operational Excellence

Productive efficiency aligned to strategy: a driving force for your profitability.

In a challenging and competitive scenario where the margin is constantly being narrowed, efficiency in every internal process inside the company and, consequently, the cost, impacts directly the profitability.

Cost Reduction should be an ongoing and structured process, searching not only for immediate and short-term results, but also sustainable benefits. To this end, it’s essential to work on the concept of operational excellency, high performance, continuous review of processes, technologies and partnerships to reach the results detected by clear indicators.

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The lack of a review culture and constant cost reduction leads the company to face adverse situations as:

  • Business’ low performance;
  • Loss of income and return under the shareholders’ expectations;
  • Low index of opportunities use;
  • Decrease in the company’s balance point;
  • High productive costs compared to the market.

With its team’s wide experience and solid benchmarking base, Innovatech helps the company to determine meaningful differentials, enhancing the operational efficiency levels, improving the competitive costs regarding the market, and building a more profitable business through:

Alinhamento de custos às estratégias do negócio.

Cost alignment to the business strategies.

Avaliação sistemática e revisão de processos internos, rotinas, cadeia de suprimentos, logística, rede de fornecedores e estruturas organizacionais.

Systematic assessment and review of internal processes, routines, supply chain, logistics, suppliers network and organizational structures.

Diagnóstico das operações e mapeamento de oportunidades e soluções com indicadores de controle.

Operations diagnosis, and opportunities and solutions mapping with control indicators.

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