Operational and Technological Development

From the office to the field or shop floor.

The management of an operational development project demands a combination of a series of competencies and a dynamic and plural team. Time and resources involved, as well as the technical team, should be tuned and prepared. Innovatech has experience in creating, developing and operationalization of plans.

The Operational and Technological Development product bundle may include the product business plan, a potential market study, a market entrance study, marketing planning, and communication plan of brand and product positioning.

The actions start inside the company in previous planning phase, and go forward until the product delivery, a machine ready to produce, among others. The process can also be performed to conclude ongoing projects, but without the expected results. At the end of the project, the client receives a report with the business plan.

With strategic and technical advantages, the service allows:

Agrupar especialistas

To put experts together

The project is coordinated by a manager with external vision.



Using modern methodologies to avoid unexpected events and decrease the risks of the project.

Segurança para o investidor

Safety for the investor

Risk management, whether they are in a project, in a market plan or in other phases of the project.

Cronograma em dia

In-time schedule

Less time in problem solution and adequate punctuality.

Normas e legislação

Standards and legislation

Full compliance with legal technical demands (ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards – standards, security, environmental laws, launching tests, among others).

We can leverage your business

Understand how we can build a solution for your demand.

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