Market Analysis

Coming to know the ground where you walk on make your steps steadier.

Regardless the project and the company’s stage, knowing your acting environment is the first step in any decision. In this context, the market analysis identifies the consumer behavior, assesses the financial and growth potential, analyses substitute and/or alternative products, and the market size.

That way, the Market Analysis’s goal is supporting the value proposal and minimizing investment risk in releases of products, initial investments in other markets, positioning evaluation and market expansion.

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Among every challenge an action that is not based on a market analysis can face, we can highlight:

  • Strategic decision making with insufficient fundamental information;
  • Adopting a misleading strategy for actions or entry in a determined market;
  • Loss of opportunities and, consequently, of profitability;
  • Difficulties in defining the targeted segment, resulting in loss of investment.

A deep knowledge in the whole agribusiness chain plus a team with high analytical ability allows Innovatech to offer a deep Market Analysis through:

Análise estratégica do negócio e de todos os fatores que compõem o mercado, ampla ou especificamente.

A strategic analysis of business and every factor that composes the market, widely or specifically.

Dados concretos dos concorrentes e suas estratégias.

Concrete data from competitors and their strategies.

Melhor identificação de oportunidades e possíveis respostas, como recomendação de investimentos.

A better identification of opportunities and possible responses, as recommendation of investments.

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