Innovation Plan

Innovation must come through culture, not by impulse.

Innovation is a premise for maintenance of long-term profitability in any industry, and the increase in competition inside the market speeds up the commoditization process. So, innovation should be a process in the organization with goals aligned to the company’s global strategy to generate, effectively, economic and financial benefits to the business.

A structured Innovation Plan allows the deployment of an innovation culture in the company in a systematized way, putting together processes, people and proper tools so as the innovation initiatives are productive, capable of seizing opportunities, and generate or boost the company’s revenue source.resa.

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Without an articulate Innovation Plan, besides having more difficulty maintaining competitiveness, the company faces challenges as:

  • Investments in innovation done by impulse, without compliance to the business model;
  • Lack of innovation culture and, consequently, loss of opportunities of profitable differentiation;
  • Absence of control over impacts from the innovation initiatives.

Having innovation as its DNA main component, besides allying a wide practical experience from its executives to the more recent academic researches and market technologies, Innovatech offers consultancy in efficient Innovation Plans with important differentials as:

Metodologia de inovação com foco na estratégia da empresa, na disponibilidade de recursos e na estruturação de prioridades por projeto.

Innovation methodology with focus in the company strategy, in resources availability and in structuring of priorities by project.

Adoção de critérios objetivos para seleção e implantação de oportunidades de inovação.

Adoption of objective criteria for selection and deployment of innovation opportunities.

Estabelecimento de cultura da inovação baseada em processo, controle e estruturação sistematizados, sem improvisos.

Establishing of innovation culture based on systematized process, control and structuration, without improvisation.

Gerenciamento de oportunidades levantadas com mensuração e controle dos resultados obtidos alinhados à estratégia organizacionais.

Managing of opportunities raised with measuring and control of the obtained results, aligned to organizational strategy.

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