Competitive Intelligence

More than a choice, innovating is a matter of competitive need.

Following the transformations in business environment to identify the market trends, monitoring competitors’ movements, forecasting alterations in strategical context and knowing solutions that can value the business are essential tasks for the maintenance of competitiveness in long-term.

To add value, the environment monitoring should be aligned to the company’s strategic planning.

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Failing to carefully follow the market’s evolution and changes interferes directly in the company’s position and its competitive environment, with situations as:

  • Business depression and depreciation of its differential over time;
  • Lack of using action opportunities and strategic innovations;
  • Realization of unpredicted threats to the business model;
  • Strategic movement and repositioning from competitors;
  • Loss of timing to the use of trends.

With innovation in its DNA, Innovatech can generate strategic advantages and support the company’s business planning through insights, suggestions, and action plans for innovation opportunities, developed and based on:

Monitoramento dinâmico com foco na empresa e sua concorrência.

Dynamic monitoring focused in the company and its competition.

Praticidade de ter uma empresa focada em inovação, como a Innovatech, orientada especificamente para este tipo de análise e previsão de mercado.

Convenience of having a company focused in innovation as Innovatech is, specifically oriented to this kind of market analysis and forecasting.

Detecção de tendências e criação de oportunidades com base em dados estruturados.

Detection of trends and creation of opportunities based on structured data.

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