Companies and Assets Assessment

Only someone who knows their self-worth can know their profits.

The economic-financial assessments of assets or companies helps in strategical decisions, either to widen investments, diversify business or to follow the performance in the established structure.

Scaling the company value and its assets is having in your hands the information about the compatibility between an asset and its performance, according to the organization’s goals, throughout the several levels in business, ensuring the financial health of your company and its profitability.

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Ignoring the Assets Valuation of a company can bring the following consequences:

  • Unproductive strategical and financial transactions, as acquisitions, mergers, or loans, which are not compliant to the business’ goals;
  • Downgrading of the company’s net worth;
  • Investments in assets incompatible with the organization’s revenue.

Using real inputs, suitable methodology and a wide knowledge about the whole agribusiness chain, Innovatech has experience in assets management, which allows an accurate and careful valuation, based on:

Transparência total em todas as fases e avaliações do método de valoração.

Total transparency in every step and assessment of valuation method;

Análise de retorno sobre investimento de cada ativo, nos mais diversos níveis de negócio.

Comparative evaluation of updated values in market and performance;

Avaliação comparativa de valores atualizados de mercado e performance.

Return of investment analysis of every asset, in the most varied business levels.

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