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Starting a business is always a challenge, especially in new market niches, which are yet being devised. Insecurity and lack of planning can harm and even derail the business. In face of this scenario, Innovatech offers its Business Plan, a service that encompasses every step of a company or productive unit deployment: business opportunity analysis, strategic, tactic and operational analysis.

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A Business Plan is a detailed effort that generates documents with the whole operationalization of your business, its strategic planning and, furthermore, the verification of its feasibility, which avoids several setbacks, as:

  • Unreal timetables;
  • Unnecessary expenses due to the lack of planning;
  • Loss of business opportunities;
  • Inefficient partnerships;
  • Discrepancies between market scheduling and production;

With Innovatech’s Business Plan, the entrepreneur starts a business with competitive advantages and certain of his success. This service is adapted to the client’s needs in several statuses of background, which can comprise:

Identifying opportunities

Basic plan – initial market study and its opportunities with respective potentials, many times performed with field of study, local, regional, and international data and other important parameters.

Tracing routes

Full plan – initial market study followed by strategic planning, which encompasses the internal and external environment analysis, general strategy, strategic goals, and tactical and operational plan in each area (marketing, human resources, finances, production, and logistics).

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