Science closer to the field.

The Green Revolution showed that the scientific development and environmental protection are essential to ensure the food production and the future of global food safety. More than ever, biotechnology proves to be an indispensable resource to the whole agribusiness chain. Innovatech understands that investing in development and using biotechnology products is precious, so it works with partners that develop innovation and technology focused in forestry and agricultural areas.

The best opportunities of investment-risk-results are presented to Innovatech’s clients, through prospections of business opportunities. The biotechnology is an indispensable resource, so Innovatech’s experts also implement these technologies with bundle diagnostic, and perform the management of your items.

More than knowing what’s new, our technicians know how to use the new resources at their full potential. A range of products is offered to the client – in a discreet or grouped way – from a diagnosis report to a resource deployment.

We have partners and experts in every target area in agribusiness, and we establish cooperation that generates excellent results for your business.

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