At Innovatech, innovation is a principle.

When talking about innovation, we make an immediate association to technology.
At Innovatech, innovation surpasses that concept, being the premise for all services, relationships, and processes.

Innovatech - Decisões do agronegócio seguras, confiáveis e rentáveis.

Based on an intelligent, feasible and sustainable innovation, Innovatech guides its solutions so as the agribusiness’ decisions are safe, reliable, and profitable.

Innovating is


Clear purposes about the creation of values for business: innovating without goals is useless.


Actions to strategies: innovating with strategic directions pushes companies and people forward.


Everyone involved in common purposes: innovating is changing the reality, which is a consequence of everybody’s actions.


The focus for the clients and market’s needs: innovating as a behavior and generating solutions to the client.


It’s integrating ideas, opportunities, people, knowledge, and solutions that move around purposes: innovating is being proactive.


It’s selecting the best initiatives regarding the purpose of values creation: innovating is choosing a path rather than others, and assuming calculated risks.


Actions as projects: innovating is deploying ideas until the end and ensure results.